Reasons Why You Need Professional Legal Representation When Filing for Patent Protection

13 April 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog


Filing for patent protection deters people from illegally benefiting from the invention you've worked very hard to create. However, the procedure is complicated, necessitating the intervention of a patent lawyer. They will guide you as you prepare your application to ensure that it meets all the legal requirements. Your legal advisor will then file the claim, ensuring that your invention is safe. Here are reasons the lawyer's assistance is necessary when filing legal protection for your original creation.

It Ensures That Your Document Complies with the Law

Legislators keep amending patent laws, making the filing process complicated and challenging to navigate. Every amendment may require you to go through the intellectual property and patent laws. Doing this enables you to know the contents to include in your application to ensure it is compliant with the latest laws. Failure to meet all the requirements can lead to a rejection of your application. That gives other people an opportunity to make, use or sell your invention without your approval. 

Because of that, it's prudent to seek guidance from a lawyer regarding patent protection. They will ensure that it meets all the regulations and goes through in your first submission. That way, you'll protect your creation before other people start benefiting from it.

It Enables You to Identify Issues That May Affect Your Application

A lot of search goes into the application process to increase the chances of obtaining an issued patent. A legal representative can undertake the research for you, identifying any issues that may affect your invention protection. They will want to determine whether similar inventions, patent applications, and issued patents can affect your application. They then propose strategies that will enable you to obtain your patent successfully.

It Boosts Your Chances of Success When Appealing Your Application

You might encounter numerous challenges when applying for your patent. For example, you may have to apply several times before obtaining an issued patent. Besides, another inventor might sue you, claiming that your invention was their original creation. In each of these situations, you need an attorney to fight for you. They will help you amend your application and argue your situation in court to have it allowed. Your legal advisor will also represent you when anyone files a lawsuit against you, ensuring that you don't lose your rights to your invention.

As you can see, filing for patent protection is a complex process that might require a thorough understanding of the law. Therefore, you should consider leaving it in the hands of a patent lawyer.