Services A Real Estate Attorney Can Provide You

10 February 2019
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Whenever you are buying a piece of property, there are many different legal considerations that will need to be addressed. Hiring a real estate attorney can be the best option for protecting your rights throughout the course of this transaction. More specifically, there are several different services that real estate attorneys are commonly asked to perform for their clients. Property Investigations Prior to purchasing a piece of property, it is important to conduct a thorough review of its legal history. Read More 

Should You Accept An Insurance Offer After A Car Accident?

3 January 2019
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One thing that many people experience trouble with is knowing how to handle the settlement of a car accident. If you were not to blame for the accident, then you should be able to collect money from the at-fault driver's insurance policy for the damages you experienced from the accident, but how do you know if you should accept an offer that the insurance company gives you? If you are in this position, here are several factors that will help you determine if you should accept the offer from the insurance company. Read More