Helping Your Child Learn About The Concept Of Charity

9 September 2018
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As a parent, teaching skills and values to your child is something you're always doing. If you notice you've been neglecting the concept of charity, you and your spouse may feel eager to begin showing your child how to help others. How might you teach charity?  Explaining Your Goals If charitable giving is something that you want your family to take more seriously, you've got to state your commitment to this goal. Read More 

Court Reporting: Real-Time Recommendations

6 August 2018
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Real-time reporting completed by experienced legal court reporters can allow you to depose witnesses no matter where they are in the country. Real-time reports are also visible to assisting counsel at other locations. This can reduce travel expenses, erase schedule delays and permit your cases to be settled faster. However, because real-time might be new to you or your legal peers, it's worth realizing and addressing these possible issues as you arrange your first session. Read More 

Understanding the Risk Of Being Assaulted as a Healthcare Worker

29 June 2018
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When you work in healthcare, there are naturally going to be workplace situations that can put you at risk of being injured. You may suffer a sprain or strain when tending to patient needs, you may hurt yourself because you slip on a wet floor, or you may even contract an illness because of an accidental needle stick. However, those in the healthcare industry are also at risk of facing another type of injury: assault. Read More 

The Child Custody And Visitation Puzzle

29 May 2018
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If you are the parents of a minor-aged child then you will need to set aside some time to discuss the issues of child custody and visitation. If you are in agreement you can save yourself some time and grief by not taking it to court, but knowing some ground-rules about these issues is important. Read on for a quick primer on the custody and visitation issue. Parenting Plans There have never been more choices available when it comes to parenting after a divorce, but it really might come down to two main types: shared and joint. Read More 

Will Income Prevent You From Filing A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

23 April 2018
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No big decision should happen without a lot of thought, and the bankruptcy decision is no different. There is a lot to think about, particularly the financial and credit ramifications. One thing you may not be thinking about is your income and how it's related to a chapter 7 filing. Read on for what you need to know about income limits for bankruptcy. Why are there income limits? Bankruptcy is not meant to be an easy way out of paying your debt responsibilities, and the bankruptcy codes have undergone some changes to reflect that. Read More