2 Questions You Likely Have About Slip And Fall Injuries

30 March 2020
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If you suffered a slip and fall accident that you feel is not your fault, there may be a responsible party that you can seek compensation from. Here are some questions about slip and fall accidents that you may have. Can A Sidewalk Be Considered Defective?  It is possible that your slip and fall happened from something as simple as tripping on a sidewalk that was defective. It could be from a concrete slab that was raised higher than the adjoining slab, leading to a dangerous condition where your foot got caught and you took a terrible tumble. Read More 

Examples Of Foreclosure Rescue Scams

28 February 2020
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A foreclosure is one of the most dreaded things among homeowners. Scammers know this and target those who are facing imminent foreclosures. Below are some common foreclosure scams. Bailout In this case, the 'rescuer' offers to pay out your mortgage in exchange for the property's title. They sweeten the deal by agreeing to rent out the house for you until you can settle your debt to them. The problem is that the rental terms are likely to be prohibitive — the scammers count on this because they want you to default. Read More 

The Damage Caused By Chain Reaction Car Accidents

27 January 2020
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Imagine you are listening to the radio in your car, stopped at an intersection when you hear a crash from somewhere behind you. Then you hear another and another. Next thing you know, your car is careening toward the one in front of it, to no fault of your own. You have now become part of a chain reaction car accident. Chain reaction car accidents happen every day, and yet many people are unsure of what to do when they are involved in one. Read More 

3 Things That People Don’t Know About Divorce

29 December 2019
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There are a lot of misconceptions out there about divorce -- and they can make people who are contemplating the end of their marriage uncertain and afraid. Most of the time, however, the things that you hear about divorce aren't exactly true. Instead, they're based on popular stereotypes, media representations, and misunderstandings of the law. Here are some of the top things you should know about divorce (and probably don't): Read More 

3 Ways You Might Fight A Speeding Ticket

26 November 2019
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If you've been hit with a speeding ticket, you might wonder how you can contest. There aren't any magic tricks a speeding ticket law firm uses to win cases, but there is a process that can be used to break one down, understand it and argue against it. Let's take a look at how a speeding ticket attorney might dissect the case you're facing. Respond to All Court Inquiries The first order of business is to make sure you are regularly checking your mail or have a lawyer available to receive court correspondence. Read More