Everything You Need To Know About Getting Bail For Domestic Violence

27 January 2022
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Domestic violence is when someone harms or threatens to cause harm to another person in the household. The violence can be from one gender to another and between adults and children. Most of the incidences of domestic violence happen within the confines of the home, which makes it a little challenging to prove what exactly happened. However, if a spouse, former spouse, or child contacts the authorities and complains against it, they usually respond by arresting the perpetrator. Here are some things you need to know about getting arrested for domestic violence and whether or not bail bonds can help you. 

Understanding Domestic Battery

Living together with another person can be complicated sometimes. In some instances, tempers flare, and people tell each other things they shouldn't. Verbal violence is highly triggering, and it makes some people get physical. A significant percentage of women suffer the consequences of physical violence or battery because men are typically significantly larger in stature. You will get arrested for physically hurting your spouse during a disagreement or fight. 

Getting Bail Bonds for Domestic Violence

It is also possible to get bail after being arrested for domestic violence. As stated earlier, most domestic violence cases are never premeditated. The people who get hurt in the incidences are also the ones who trigger it through verbal abuse. You should call a bondsman if you have been booked for domestic violence and are stuck in jail because you cannot post bail. The company will come through for you and help you gain some freedom. You can then speak to a family lawyer when free and formulate a defense plan against the accusations posed at you. You will have better chances of arguing for your innocence in court when you can do it from outside a cell.

The Terms and Conditions of the Bond

A release on bail after a domestic battery comes with a few terms and conditions. The court might slap you with a restraining order against your spouse. The court takes the step to prevent a repeat of the incident. It is best to honor the terms stipulated in the bond agreement because violating them will lead to deeper legal problems. If the court releases you on the condition that you refrain from visiting your former spouse, you should stay away from them. 

The most important thing is calling the bail bonds company immediately after an arrest. They will help you gain freedom and allow you to defend yourself from the outside.

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