Why You May Need A Lawyer If You Are A Tenant

22 July 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog


Renting can be a good experience if you have a great landlord and the place you are renting is in good condition. Even if you have a good landlord, issues may arise that make your life difficult while living as a tenant on someone else's property. It is not uncommon for legal issues to arise when someone is renting a home or apartment. There are a few different scenarios where you may want to consult with a landlord-tenant lawyer if you are renting.

Understanding the Rental Agreement

Prior to renting, it's good to read your rental agreement completely. If you are already renting and your landlord is claiming you are in violation of your rental agreement, it may also be a good idea to consult with a lawyer. If a problem has arisen that may cost you financially, and if you disagree with what your landlord is accusing you of doing, then a lawyer can determine if the lease agreement supports your landlord's claim or not. By getting a lawyer involved, you can have your lawyer simply write a letter to your landlord explaining the law and why you are not in violation of your lease. This can be a far less expensive option than going to court or paying for some damages that you may not be responsible for.

Protecting Tenant Rights

There are some landlords that may abuse a tenant's rights. For example, it's possible a landlord may enter the property for an inspection at a time that isn't reasonable or as outlined in the contract. A landlord may also impose restrictions on property or even confiscate property that may not be lawful. Additionally, you may be able to get your landlord to cover certain repair expenses when things in the property aren't working. A lawyer can consult with you and explain the law concerning your legal rights in a general sense. Your lawyer can also help you determine whether the law allows for a landlord to impose certain fines or even evict you under certain circumstances. You may be able to fight an eviction if it's not done lawfully.

It's always good to be informed about any contractual agreement you have, and a good lawyer will help you do that in a way you can understand. If you are being treated unfairly by your landlord, it's good to find a lawyer who can protect your legal rights and help you enforce them in a lawful way. For these reasons, it's good to spend money for a consultation with a lawyer.