3 Consequences You Might Face From Your First DUI

16 February 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog


Your first DUI is not as bad as a second or third one, but your first one can still result in consequences. After getting arrested, the first thing you should do is hire a criminal defense lawyer with DUI experience. You will need a good attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you minimize the consequences of your DUI, and here are three common consequences that people face from first DUI cases.

Temporary Loss of Your Driving Privileges

After a DUI, the court will typically suspend a person's driving privileges right away. This suspension does not usually last long, but it might last a few weeks or months. You can fight your case to get your driving privileges back sooner, but you should realize that this is a common outcome. In most cases, people with first DUI charges lose their license for at least a few weeks. People with second or third DUIs can lose their privileges much longer. You can talk to your lawyer about this issue to determine how your state handles this part of a DUI charge.

A Requirement for SR-22 Insurance

The second common consequence of a DUI is the requirement for SR-22 insurance. SR-22 is an insurance type that costs more money to have, and many people will need it for three consecutive years after a DUI. It is common for people to need it after their first DUI cases, even if they have clean records. In fact, you might have to get SR-22 insurance before the court agrees to reinstate your driving privileges. If you have questions about this insurance, talk to your criminal lawyer. Lawyers can explain what it is and how it works. Your lawyer might even recommend insurance companies to call for quotes.


Finally, many courts place people on probation after DUIs. If this occurs, the probation will likely last for six to twelve months. It could last longer for second or third DUIs. Some courts use formal probation, while others use informal. If you get formal probation, you might have to check in with a probation officer in-person monthly. Informal does not typically require in-person visits, but you might have to call or send emails monthly to your probation officer.

If you have questions about your DUI charges, contact a DUI lawyer in your city today. You will need a lawyer to fight your case and get the best possible outcome from it.