Why Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Is A Risk During A Boat Ride

14 December 2020
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One of the surprising risks of riding a boat is that you might become the victim of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a negligent boat operator. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is released by fuel-emitting devices. This gas prevents the organs in your body from receiving the oxygen they need and can cause serious damage. 

The Effects of Carbon Monoxide

This gas can become dangerous when it is concentrated in a small area. Those who are being affected by carbon monoxide poisoning might begin to experience intense headaches, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, confusion, seizures, and the eventual loss of consciousness. In some cases, the victim might fall off the boat and become injured as a result. Anyone who is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning should breathe fresh air as soon as possible. 

Why You Could Get Poisoned on a Boat

Boats use a lot of fuel. As a result, the carbon monoxide can build up in enclosed spaces where the carbon monoxide is not able to dissipate. Given that there is usually not a lot of space on boats, a carbon monoxide leak can lead to the carbon monoxide gases being inhaled in dangerous or even fatal quantities.

Getting away from the carbon monoxide fumes can be difficult but is necessary. If there is no other way, the guests on the boat may need to get in the water. Then, the local authorities should be called. If the individual who is in charge of the boat does not take these steps, he might be liable for any injuries or deaths that result.

Liability in Boat Accidents

The owner of the boat has a duty of care to make sure that the boat is safe before it is put into operation. If the boat is not properly maintained, this can lead to a leak that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning on a boat ride, you'll want to speak to a personal injury attorney about the damages you have suffered.

If you have suffered from any medical problems or have spent time in the hospital, you may be entitled to compensation for all medical expenses due to the incident. You will also be entitled to any future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. An experienced personal injury law firm will help you show that the owner of the boat was negligent and will also help you calculate all of your damages.