Four Ways to Use Your Smartphone If You Are Injured in a Retail Store

12 August 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you are inside a retail store and have an injury accident, your smartphone can become an important tool to help a personal injury lawyer at a later time. If you are with a relative or friend who was injured, you can use your smartphone to assist their lawyer. The following are a few important things that can be done.

1. Take photos of the entire area of the accident

You need to make sure that you get a good series of snapshots of everything that is near the immediate vicinity of the accident, as well as the spot of the accident. A lawyer will want this because there may be legal issues about the scene of the accident that you are not aware of. Also, take pictures of any apparent injuries. Many injuries are internal, so only a medical report will provide a more complete understanding. But photos of any obvious injuries can be helpful.

2. Record video of the accident

If possible, you should record a short video. A store manager may not want to be recorded, but sometimes it takes time for a manager to arrive at the scene. Depending upon the severity of the accident, there may be pandemonium and recording may be easier. A recording on a smartphone may offer additional information that a store camera doesn't pick up, especially since store cameras are elevated and provide a view from a different angle.

3. Record your version of events

As soon as possible, you need to have your testimony recorded for a lawyer. This may be at the scene of the accident, or perhaps later at the hospital for more serious injuries. It is important to tell your side of the story while it is still fresh in your mind. Don't worry about trying to make your statement perfect. This recording is only for your lawyer.

4. Enter witness information in your phone

Don't attempt to interview a possible witness with your smartphone. Instead, ask if they saw anything, and then ask for their name and phone number, or at least their email. You just need to give their contact information to your lawyer. Let a lawyer do an interview to see how helpful they will be. Try and find one or more witnesses that do not work at the store; however, you should note the names of the employees who witnessed the accident because their names may not be included in the store manager's report.

Your smartphone can become an important tool to help a lawyer after an accident in a retail store. You can use it to take photos, enter witness information, record the surroundings, and record your version of the events. Learn more by working with a personal injury lawyer.