What Can Cause Delays When Receiving A Personal Injury Settlement

8 May 2020
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Were you the victim of a personal injury, and are currently out a lot of out-of-pocket costs for your medical bills? If so, you are likely wondering how long it will take to receive a settlement from an injury lawsuit. Here are some of the factors that can play a part in how long the process will take.

How Complex Your Case Is

Sometimes injury cases are fairly straightforward. If you were in an auto accident where the defendant went through a red light and hit you, the case will be pretty clear cut and it will be easy to settle. However, other cases can become much more complicated. If you end up having to bring in expert witnesses to prove how an injury happened, or prove that the defendant was at fault when causing the accident, the whole process will be slowed down. More documentation will be necessary, there will be more arguments about who was at fault and what percentage of fault they hold, and even having an insurance adjuster question the cause of your injuries.

How Fast You Get All Your Documentation To The Insurance Adjuster

A lot of the timeline really depends on how quickly you act with your responsibilities. The problem that most people run into with an injury case is dealing with the lawsuit and the injury at the same time. For as important as it is to get the necessary documentation to the insurance adjuster regarding your injury, sometimes the injury will get in the way and cause your actions to be delayed. However, the wheels of justice turn slowly, so it is always best to do things as quickly as possible.

If You Have To Go To Trial

Many people picture their personal injury case going to trial, where a judge or jury makes that critical decision where you are awarded your compensation. Thankfully, that doesn't happen in most cases, because many injury lawsuits settle outside of court. By agreeing to a settlement and not going to trial, you will get your compensation much faster. Not only is a trial time consuming, but it can be months before an opening is available for your case to be heard.

The best way to ensure that your injury lawsuit goes smoothly is to work with an injury lawyer in your area. They'll help move the process along so that you are not waiting longer than necessary for your compensation.

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