The Damage Caused By Chain Reaction Car Accidents

27 January 2020
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Imagine you are listening to the radio in your car, stopped at an intersection when you hear a crash from somewhere behind you. Then you hear another and another. Next thing you know, your car is careening toward the one in front of it, to no fault of your own. You have now become part of a chain reaction car accident.

Chain reaction car accidents happen every day, and yet many people are unsure of what to do when they are involved in one. Read on to learn more about what happens if you become injured as part of one of these accidents.

Types of Chain Reaction Car Accidents

Chain reaction car accidents occur when one vehicle hits a car that then hits another, and so on. Often, people involved in these accidents are following closely or are stopped at a light and are then forced into other cars.

One common type of chain-reaction car accident occurs when a vehicle stops quickly, causing the vehicle behind it to slam into it. The vehicle behind that one is tailgating and then hits that car. This continues on. These accidents can also cause people to swerve out of the way, hitting other cars in the progress. Unfortunately, some accidents impact pedestrians when one vehicle spins out of control.

Injuries Caused By Chain Reaction Car Accidents

The injuries caused by these accidents vary in severity, especially when you consider the weight of the vehicles involved. For example, vehicles that haul liquids and other materials can cause more severe accidents than small hatchbacks. Some injuries can result in death, and others cause broken bones, concussions, and bruising. Some require surgery to recover from.

Of course, the type of injury you experienced is based on how you were hit by the other vehicle. If you were rear-ended, you might experience whiplash, a concussion, and severe bruising, for example.

Determining the Liability of Chain Reaction Car Accidents

Unfortunately, determining which accidents were caused by which driver can be difficult and more complicated than with a standard accident. Often, these cases involve careful examination of the interactions between several different parties.

Car accidents can be difficult enough to understand on the legal battlefield. This means that you should certainly seek the help of car accident attorneys to go through with the process of determining who is at fault after a chain reaction crash. You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries.