Why You Need A Social Security Lawyer

28 June 2019
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Social security disability insurance is very helpful to those who are qualified to receive it, especially if there is no other source of income to rely on. The process of getting approved for such benefits can be long and complicated, and it sometimes even ends in getting denied for various reasons. You must understand that certain medical conditions must be proven to be present before benefits will be approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA), along with a few other things that are asked on the application. Many people initiate the process without any assistance and get turned down, but the process can go a lot smoother with help from a lawyer. If you want to know more about hiring a social security insurance lawyer, continue reading this article for helpful information.

Avoiding Mistakes Can Speed Up the Process

It is very common for social security insurance benefits applicants to make mistakes during the process of applying. A poorly-filled-out application will not only drag out the process, but it likely ends up in a denial that could have been prevented. Getting a denial can be stressful, especially after waiting a long time for an answer to the initial application. The common mistakes that are made by applicants can be avoided by hiring a lawyer from the beginning to ensure that the application meets the requirements of the SSA. You can end up with benefits a lot sooner by hiring a lawyer, and he or she may even be able to speed up the approval process by explaining your situation to a judge.

Reconsideration is Possible After a Denial

If you are already dealing with a denial of social security insurance benefits, hiring a lawyer is very important. You are not required to start the application process all over again in an attempt to get approved for benefits. The SSA can reconsider your initial application, and it is more likely to be successful if you leave it in the hands of a lawyer. He or she will pinpoint why the initial application was denied and do everything legally possible to correct the situation, such as by gathering more evidence.

Cross Examinations Are Helpful at Hearings

After an application gets denied, a hearing can be scheduled that your lawyer can attend. At the hearing, he or she can cross-examine professionals such as your physician and a vocational expert. Your lawyer will basically verify that you meet the disability requirements and that your condition makes it difficult to work.

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