4 Reasons To Hire A Special Education Attorney

25 November 2017
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If you have a child who requires special education services, you may find yourself in a situation that causes you to doubt your child's particular needs are being met. If these needs are guaranteed at the state or federal level, then you have reason to contact an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about special education law. Many people might hesitate because of the cost involved, but any parent knows that getting your child what they deserve is invaluable. 


Perhaps the best reason to hire a special education attorney is the objective point of view they bring to the table. Naturally, emotions run high when it comes to protecting the rights of children and making sure they get the services to which they are entitled. But this can sometimes cause parents to have a distorted view of what to expect from a school and their special education team. An attorney can represent the best interests of a child while also remaining fair and objective.


An attorney is not just a bulldog in your corner who fights for your rights at every turn. They are perhaps even more valuable as a skilled communicator who can act as a liaison for you and the special education team. Instead of risking a stalemate or a communication breakdown, let an attorney relay information to you about the team's position, and what your options are going forward. The chances of seeing real progress is much higher with a special education attorney by your side.


Of course, in order to decide on a child's specific educational needs, a thorough assessment needs to be conducted by a qualified expert. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that schools rarely contract the services of such an expert, at least not voluntarily. A good attorney, on the other hand, can almost always show that schools are legally obligated to pay for one or more assessments, which can mean a world of difference in deciding what services your child is legally deserving of.

No Case

Sometimes - as hard as it is to come to terms with - there simply is not a case to be made against a school district or special education team. An attorney can be just as valuable in these instances, as their advice to not pursue a case can save a family thousands of dollars and hours spent, not to mention the emotional toll. Contact a firm, like Law Office of Mark W Voigt, for more help.