How To Face The World When You're Facing A DUI

18 October 2016
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In many ways, a DUI charge will shatter your world, but hopefully, that devastation is only temporary. With a good lawyer and a positive philosophy, you will get through this. Here's how to face your world and the people in it, with a DUI bearing down on you:

Rely On Your Lawyer For Direction

Depending on the circumstances of your case, your lawyer may ask that you not discuss it with the public. While there may be a few personal exceptions, like your family and close friends, take the advice to heart. If you're facing prosecution, anything you convey to people around you might be picked up and used against you. Keeping quiet would be best for your case and also ease the burden of having to explain yourself to the people who know you. No matter what, though, your legal defense should dictate how you proceed in your personal life.

Ask Yourself The Hard Questions

Maybe you just had a glass of wine with coworkers after a long day and you were exhausted when you were pulled over, or maybe you actually make a habit of driving when you don't belong behind the wheel. Ask yourself the hard questions, such as do you have a problem with alcohol. If you're uncertain, speak with a professional counselor or someone else who can compassionately guide you. Not only will this clear your head, it will also show the courts that you've given the situation the scrutiny it deserves; they may have mandatory alcohol counseling planned for you in the near future anyway.

Ask Your Family To Respect Your And Your Lawyer's Wishes

Whatever you and your DUI lawyer decide, make sure your family goes along. Although it's not likely that anyone close to you would intentionally sabotage your case, a slip of the tongue anywhere around town could come back to haunt you. Express to your family the importance of support in times of crisis, both for legal reasons and your personal strength moving forward.

Consider Talking To Your Boss

Unless driving is part of your job or your employer has specifically stated in a contract or employee handout that an arrest must be reported to a supervisor, it's probably unlikely that you're obligated to mention the matter to your boss; however, you must ask yourself if it's better that they hear it from you than from the grapevine. If the chances are high that people will find out about and discuss your legal situation at work, you should be the one to inform your boss. Prior to requesting a meeting, though, clear up the details with your lawyer. Ask if your boss has any grounds to dismiss you, in case you think that might happen. You'll be prepared, no matter which way things go.

Expect Some Level Of Gossip To Go Down

Unfortunately, some people enjoy discussing the misfortunes or mistakes of others; thus, be prepared for possible whispers behind your back or the occasional finger-pointing. Although it's the last thing you need right now, if it's going to happen, you'd benefit from having a well thought out response prepared. Understand, though, that for the most part, you'll only feel like everyone is staring at you or saying things. That's just the nature of the situation.

Get To Work On Your Public Image And Personal Confidence

No matter what happens with your case in legal terms, you want to be able to hold your head high and put this all behind you sometime soon. Present yourself in the best light possible whenever you go out, taking care not to look disheveled or like you don't have your act together. While it's not really fair for anyone to judge you by your appearance alone, it's likely to happen. If you're able, buy yourself a new outfit or two that really represent you as strong and able; try a new haircut that gives you a serious edge or professional poise and most importantly, make sure your words and deeds demonstrate your true character. Rising above a DUI is challenging, but if you really mean to do and be better, it will show and culminate in a healthier and wiser you, in many ways.

A DUI can turn your whole life upside down; however, if you work closely with a lawyer from a firm like Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham, LLC. and really make the commitment to lead your most positive life possible, you'll get through.