Nursing Home Abuse Cases: 4 Reasons Why Quick Timing Is Essential

7 June 2016
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The legal world is generally slow moving, with a lot of different processes needing to get through court systems to reach proper settlements. But there are some situations where fast legal results are needed, and one of these areas involves nursing home abuse cases. If you have a loved one that you feel has been abused in a nursing home, then it's important to act quickly and seek legal advice from an experienced attorney. Not only will this help with the health of your loved one, but it can help you receive compensation for the abuse and neglect that occurred. There are four main reasons why quick timing is essential in these cases. Understanding these reasons and how the abuse case moves forward can make a huge difference on the end results.

Statue of Limitations

One of the main reasons to contact a lawyer quickly is due to the statue of limitations set in place for filing lawsuits. These limitations vary state by state, but it is basically the time limit that you have to file a lawsuit against a nursing home. If this time limit has passed, then you cannot move forward with the case and the abuse allegations can go nowhere in the legal world. For many states, the typical time is usually within a year of the incident or the discovery of the incident. But this doesn't mean that you have a full twelve months. Before anything is actually filed, a lawyer must first build the case and be fully prepared to represent your loved one. By contacting them early in the process, you can ensure that the statue of limitations does not pass before a case can move forward.

Compensation Agreements

If a nursing home has been accused of abuse, then they may try to get the guardian of a loved one to sign a compensation agreement shortly after the allegations. This agreement will essentially give them a small payout and remove any other legal responsibility from the nursing home or the workers that have been accused of neglect. This is why it's important to contact an attorney before signing any agreements. In many cases, these agreements will favor the nursing home and not have an adequate amount for your loved one. An attorney can look over this agreement and will often advise on not signing it. By not signing the agreement, your attorney can move forward with their own settlement and help your loved one get the compensation that they deserve for the abuse and neglect.

Moving Nursing Homes

To help get away from a harmful situation, you may seek a transfer to another nursing home. To prevent this, the current nursing home may make things complicated by preventing medical approvals or transfers as a whole. Help get your loved one to a new home as quickly as possible by using an attorney for help. An attorney can ensure that there are no paperwork roadblocks in the way of moving to a new home and receiving the help that they deserve. Getting through piles of paperwork can be a daunting task, and this is why an attorney can help expedite the process and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Elderly Witness Statements

Residents in nursing homes may not be in the best of health. This is why it's essential for an attorney to gather witness statements and testimonies soon after incidents have occurred. Whether it's physical abuse or verbal abuse, statements from your loved one and other residents can make a huge difference on the case. It can help them receive a proper settlement and have their abuse case accurately represented. Waiting too long can result in a loss of memory or false statements that negatively impact your case.

If you're the legal representative of your loved one, then you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. So talk with a local attorney or click for more. It can make a huge difference on the outcome of the case and really help with the situation that your loved one is in.