Being Prepared To Defend Yourself When Faced With A Criminal Charge

8 November 2021
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Facing a criminal charge can be an extremely difficult time in your life. In addition to the stress of defending yourself against these charges, you will also face the potential of jail time, expensive fines, or other life-altering consequences. While most people will want to avoid committing crimes, it is still important to understand the types of steps you should take if you ever find yourself facing this type of situation. Read More 

3 Types Of Real Estate Laws You Need To Know

30 September 2021
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The real estate market is ever-changing, and it's easy to find yourself in a difficult position if you don't know what you're doing. Luckily, understanding the basics of real estate laws can help you better understand your rights and how to exercise them. They can also help you to select the right lawyer to represent you if you have any legal disputes. Here are three types of real estate laws you need to know about. Read More 

Injured By Someone Who Has Since Died Or Is Incapacitated? You Can Still File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

27 August 2021
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Did you know that it is possible to sue a dead person or someone who is mentally incapacitated? This may sound morbid, but it's an important discussion to have. Whether you were in the middle of a lawsuit before the defendant passed away or you were considering filing a personal injury lawsuit against someone who is currently severely ill, you can and should still file a lawsuit if you think you have a good case. Read More 

Why You May Need A Lawyer If You Are A Tenant

22 July 2021
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Renting can be a good experience if you have a great landlord and the place you are renting is in good condition. Even if you have a good landlord, issues may arise that make your life difficult while living as a tenant on someone else's property. It is not uncommon for legal issues to arise when someone is renting a home or apartment. There are a few different scenarios where you may want to consult with a landlord-tenant lawyer if you are renting. Read More 

How A Child’s Preferences Play Into A Custody Battle

21 June 2021
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If you are currently going through a divorce with children, you will come to a point where a decision has to be made about how custody will work. However, you're likely wondering if your child has any say in the matter. Here is what you need to know about the child's wishes during a divorce.  A Judge Can Interview Your Child If you are dealing with a child that is very young, it is possible to make a request that the judge interviews the child to help determine their custody preferences. Read More