Did You Know That Chapter 13 Can Help You Stop A Foreclosure?

31 October 2022
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Life can feel arduous when you're overwhelmed by debt. This can feel especially burdensome if you have not made your mortgage payments for a long time. In such a case, you might experience sleepless nights worrying that your debtor might acquire your house and leave your family homeless. Nonetheless, declaring bankruptcy can be your lifeline because it may stop a potential foreclosure and provide you with an easier, more manageable way of repaying your mortgage debt. Read More 

4 Disadvantages To Accepting A Workers’ Compensation Lump Sum Settlement

6 October 2022
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When you settle your workers' compensation claim, the insurance company may ask you if you want a lump sum settlement or a structured payment. The structured payment will pay you your benefits over time, while the lump sum settlement will be one payment of money. While receiving a large sum of money at one time may seem to be the right thing to do, there are some disadvantages you must consider. Read More 

6 Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Having Issues With The IRS

9 September 2022
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It's always in your best interests to remain on good terms with the IRS. Unfortunately, many taxpayers find that they end up in trouble with the IRS at some point in their lives. There are numerous mistakes to avoid if you have issues with the IRS so that you can resolve the issues as soon as possible. The following are six common mistakes to avoid when you're having issues with the IRS. Read More 

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Car Accident Case?

8 August 2022
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Most car accidents in which one driver is at fault are resolved with a settlement. You are allowed to negotiate this settlement on your own, but it's a better idea to hire a law firm to help you negotiate a settlement. While some settlements are very fast, others might take longer than you might expect.  The Statute of Limitations Your car accident case will need to be resolved before the statute of limitations runs out. Read More 

How A Truck Accident Attorney Increases Your Odds Of Winning

14 July 2022
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Nothing is more devastating than being involved in a head-on collision while following all traffic rules and being a diligent driver. And what would make this worse is if it was a truck accident because due to the size of the vehicle, the effects of the accident would be injurious and damaging. So, if you decide to pursue compensation, your choice is valid, and you should increase your odds of winning by hiring a truck accident attorney to present your case. Read More